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Added : 5th December 2011
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Home > 3D islamic > Dhoni convert to islam

Dhoni convert to islam

Mahnder Singh Dhoni Accept Islam by the easily of above Pakistani Cricketer Saeed Anwar & acclaimed Religious Anchor Junaid Jamshaid.

Indian Candid Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, could not accept anticipation in his wildest dreams that his additional alliance to “Aaisha Bi Singh Rawat” alias Sakshi Singh Rawat would appear to abode him one day.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni had adapted to Islam to ally Sakshi Singh Rawat as Hindus are not accustomed additional marriage. Their alliance was solemnised on 04 July 2010 in Lucknow abreast Babri Masjid in accordance with Islamic rites. He had affiliated Sakshi while his aboriginal wife Deepika P was still alive. Had he paid her enough, the amount apparently would not accept appear to light.

While filing his annulment affidavit afore the officer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni had accounting his name as Mahendra Singh Dhoni Kewal Krishn concealing his Muslim name Dilawar Khan and wrote the name of his aboriginal wife in the corresponding column. When his candid rivals brought the affair to the apprehension of BCCI authorities and the accustomed public, he denied his about-face to Islam and change of name. But Delhi annual Outlook appear a archetype of his Nikahnama (marriage document) which acutely said that Dilawar Khan Singh Dhoni accustomed Aisha Bi Singh Rawat as his wife on 04 July 2010 at a mehr of, Rs 11,11,000 in the attendance of two acknowledged witnesses…

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