Barcelona vs Real madrid prediction

barcelona vs real madrid 22 april

Barcelona vs Real madrid prediction

Madrid remain favorites to win this season, regardless of the final against Barcelona.

El Clasico duel this weekend is drawing attention of many parties. Across Europe seems to not want to miss the classic La Liga match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Sunday, April 22, 2012.

Ronald De Boer who now handle the Ajax Amsterdam youth team had his own predictions related to the final outcome in these prestigious games. De Boer look, on paper, Madrid remain favorites to win this season regardless of the results of which are listed later in the two rival Camp Nou.

The player who once grazed with Barcelona in the era 1998 to 2000 were convinced Madrid will not lose the top of La Liga despite defeat in the face of his nemesis, Barcelona.

The assumption expressed by De Boer is certainly not without reason. Judging by the standings board, Los Galacticos now at the top of wrap 85 points, four points ahead of Barcelona with 81 points.

“I certainly hope that Barcelona will win the League title. But I have a hunch, Madrid did not let the title of this drifting again,” De Boer told of NUSport.

“In fact, if Madrid lose in El Clasico, I think they will win the title,” continued the former Ajax Amsterdam icon.

Jose Mourinho factor, as a tactician El Real, De Boer is believed to make the strength of the team that is identical to the white color of the fold. However, he also predict, all possibilities can still happen.

“They have made some progress under Mourinho. They scored many goals. I do not think they will win all remaining games. But Barcelona also will not do it,” said De Boer.


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